Houseboats (MOSKIT-HB)

Our boats are made from the finest materials using the hi - tech. We obey all the standards in production process. MOSKIT boats mark out with the great traits of aesthetics and comfort in use, exceptional endurance and resistance to damages.

The great advantage of platform boats is vast surface and unlimited possibilities in special development. On the other hand, simultaneously housing many people on board is not a problem. Moreover, the attractiveness of our pontoon boats is result of affordable price (as compared with other manufacturers products and boats kinds) and flexible adjustment to customers individual needs.

On account of variety of available boat's equipment options we do not show all types of our boats on this web site, but only the instance of one size (12 meters long aluminium pontoons).

If you want to ask us about specific type and dimension of boat, write us an email. We replay as soon as it is possible with our offer.

houseboats moskit
houseboats moskit
houseboats moskit
houseboats moskit

Standard equipment

Pontoon Structure (3 mm aluminium sheet): Deck: Inside: Plumbing: Electrical installation: Gas - fittings

Different versions houseboat (on 12 meter long pontoon tubes)

houseboat moskit
houseboat moskit
houseboat moskit
houseboat moskit
houseboat moskit

Optional equipment for Houseboat Moskit

Optional equipment Net Price EUR
3-rd pontoon tube 0,70m according to pontoons price list
bigger diameter tubes extra charge
fuel tank 100L (aluminium) 185,00
boarding ramp 1m wide 316,00 EUR/m
anchor, anchor rope, hawse-hole anchor:
   -5kg (boat under 7m long)
   -7,5kg (boat under 9m long)
   -10kg (boat under 11m long)
   -15kg (boat under 12m long)
halogen searchlight 316,00
mooring line x 4, fenders x 12 (set) 648,00
table 553,00
compass 211,00
big steering console + steering wheel extra charge 145,00
steering wheel (wood and chrome) extra charge 158,00
drivers seat comfort extra charge 264,00
armchair angler 158,00
drink holder in the armrest 27,00 EUR/pc
speakers 290,00
carpet hemmed 14,00 EUR/m2
fridge 12V/24V:
3 x burner gas stove with sink 474,00
2 x burner gas stove with oven 764,00
3 x burner gas stove with oven 1.027,00
Microwave Samsung 12V/750W 685,00
terma: 40L extra charge 185,00
dish washer 764,00
washing machine 93,00
chartplotter Raymarine A50 with interior GPS antenna 1.185,00
plotter Garmin GPSmap 421 500,00
Radio Explorer 710 245,00
fuel gauge 66,00
water level indicator 53,00
septic tank level indicator 77,00
audiopack: CD/MP3/AM/FM, antenna dipol. AM/FM 394,00
   -M300 12V/15A
inverter 12V/230V:
12V socket 82,00 EUR/pc
230V socket 82,00 EUR/pc
Extra lightning - LED 40,00 EUR/pc
220V outside plug 23,00
battery AGM ("dual-purpose") 100Ah 211,00
gel - battery 102Ah 250,00
heat pump + power generator 1.527,00
power generator 527,00
exhaust 106,00
TV bracket 40,00
mobile satellite TV - mechanical 790,00
mobile satellite TV - automatic 2.632,00
monitor with a tuner TFT-LCD 19"/12V 790,00
monitor with a tuner TV Mistral 15,6"/12V 264,00
Attention: this information should not be treat as an offer within the meaning of commercial law.

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